Third Party Reviews

Tate Haasl | July 10, 2018 |

"My go-to for a haircut in Thornton."

Jeffrey Lewis | July 02, 2018 |


Ruth Sanchez | May 30, 2018 |

"Holly the best!!!!"

Rachel Tafoya | May 20, 2018 |

"The stylists here are awesome!!! They always cut my boys hair the way they request it to be cut. Waiting time isnt so bad they attend to you right away. Highly recommend."

kev-dog rokka | May 18, 2018 |

"Really good customer service, I was very happy with the way my hair turned out"

Michael M. | December 20, 2013 |

"Let me be clear. I am ver particular about my hair being cut. It's an easy cut but does require a little attention to detail. I almost always leave angry after a haircut. I was told it was going to be a half hour wait but it was actually much shorter. The Manager Jay cut my hair. She was attentive, she listened, and she paid attention to wha she was doing. I am actually very pleased. At a time in my life where I could just shave my own hair off I might actually consider coming here again."

Casey C. | October 02, 2014 |

"After years of bad hair cuts from varying cost conscious locale's I found my home at Sportclips. They always keep my style on file & I always walk out with a good cut. The MVP is cool, but even just the everyday trim I trust. Don't miss this place."

Zachary C. | December 03, 2015 |

"Excellent! I prefer my hair cut extremely short on the sides (think military-type). Well, anytime I have to go somewhere different, for whatever reason, I have become accustomed to hearing "We don't have a '000', only a '0'." Or, I have been told that such a length does not exist (as if every previous barber/ stylist has lied to me), and again, "A '0' is as short as we can go." Well, no-- its as short as [whomever says it] is willing and/or capable of shaving it! No nonsense here! It was cut; it was cut right; the price was fair... Great service! Headed back right now!"

Ashton L. | December 16, 2016 |

"Worse haircut I've ever had. I asked for a high fade with a 2 on sides and five on top. I ended up with a three all around. Basically a buzz cut. Then when i asked her to line me up the line went higher on the left side than it did the right side. My hair was completely uneven all the way around, not to mention she completely missed a bang on the left side. So I had a buzz cut with a bang hanging off the side of my face. I looked ridiculous to say the least. The haircut took about 15 mins. Never had a haircut that was that short amount of time and it showed. The only good thing was they offered to fix it for free. I didn't want two crappy haircuts in one day though so I just asked for my refund back. I tipped her five bucks because I always tip my barbers no matter what and the manager informed me that I couldn't get my tip back, that I could only get the 18 dollars that I paid for the poor haircut. Crap service all around, definitely would not recommend."

Aaron S. | February 09, 2017 |

"3 out of 5 stars because 2 out of 3 haircuts have been progressively worse. Each barber must have a different #3 blade in here. I asked for a #3 fade with a quarter inch off the top, which turned into a #2 fade with an inch & a quarter off the top. I specifically asked you NOT to cut my hair into a q-tip shape, but that's what I got. I even told you I was there to just get the sides trimmed because the previous barber (at the same location) took too much off the top.Here's what else you missed: 1. No white paper around my neck to keep hair from going down my shirt. 2. Didn't ask how I wanted the back cut. 3. Never showed me the back with a hand mirror. 4. Didn't raise the barber chair, not a bit, and the barber was quite tall. 5.Put glue/gel in my hair without asking. There should be salamis hanging in the window, this place is a butcher shop! I won't be returning."